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Effective technology is dependent upon proper planning and the design is scenario dependent. In the past twenty years, nearly every building is equipped with technology that can either hinder or help your team succeed.  AE Tech Design never designs technology for technology’s sake.  New construction and remodeling existing facilities requires some level of technology design - we tailor it to your specific situation.  From the first planning session through the end of your project, our highly skilled, Michigan based staff is committed to serving your best interests. Whether you’re upgrading existing infrastructure or building an entirely new facility, AE Tech Design will help you plan for what you want and determine what you need.

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Areas of Practice

technology assessment

Having a complete understanding of the existing technology infrastructure within an organization and its facilities is the first step in identifying needs and planning future projects. AE Tech Design provides an in-depth analysis of your existing systems along with recommendations and budgets for any needed upgrades or improvements. When determining a budget, we consider not only the equipment that needs to be replaced, but the necessary infrastructure changes to make that equipment function properly.

bid administration

AE Tech Design effectively administers the bid process whether your project is publicly or privately funded, and customizes the process to your internal requirements. Starting with the creation of specification documents, we manage the scope assignment, solicit contractors, assist with bid advertisement, conduct prospective bidder walk-throughs, answer bidder questions, evaluate bid responses, and prepare award recommendations.

technology design

Our project team works closely with your staff to design, budget, and manage projects ranging from network upgrades to the a new building’s total technology. Our designers’ diverse backgrounds provide us an understanding of multiple organizations operations, the technology challenges they face and the technologies that can improve them. Technology evolves rapidly and our designers constantly research and evaluate the newest solutions. We understand technology solutions are interdependent and each system must be carefully designed with an understanding of its interaction with both new and existing systems.

construction management

Implementing technology in a construction project is not as simple as replacing a flat panel in an existing conference room. Coordination of schedule and activities with other trade contractors ensures the proper pathways, boxes, and power are present for technology installation. It also ensures your equipment isn’t exposed to construction debris, yet is operational so other dependent systems such as building management can be commissioned.

A/E/Tech coordination

The key to your project’s success is coordination. Consider AE Tech design as part of your architectural and engineering team. Technology systems necessitate coordination with any number of disciplines from architecture and interior design to electrical systems, structural engineering, and door hardware. Its no small task to coordinate to this level of detail, but doing so prior to construction saves you from costly changes and frustration during construction. We know how to bring this together for construction success.


It is easy to specify a piece of hardware, such as network switch, providing a model number, the number of ports, the forward bandwidth, etc. and most specifications do a good job of this. It is much more difficult to specify how that equipment should be installed and to monitor that it is in fact, correctly installed. AE Tech Design puts considerable effort into the implementation sections of our specification, speaking in detail about subjects like, IP addressing, Quality of Service configuration, VLANs, spanning tree, trunking, failover protocols, advanced wireless security, etc. Commissioning goes beyond the punch-list to verify not only that each system is installed, but the entire sequence of operation functions as intended on every system.